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Sweet Snugs Skin-to-Skin Baby Tee

Skin-to-Skin contact (SSC) in the early days has been shown to help babies transition comfortably to their new environment.   Some of the benefits of SSC for baby include greater temperature stability, and blood sugar levels, decreased crying, and a higher chance of being exclusively breastfed.  And there are benefits for moms too.  In fact, mothers who experience skin-to-skin contact with their babies in the early days report reduced physiologic stress and depressed feelings.   They also report a longer duration of breastfeeding than mothers who do not spend time in SSC.

But there can be some barriers to SSC with the newborn.  In particular, the infant's clothing can get in the way.   Maybe you work with new moms, or maybe you are a new mom yourself.   If so, you know what happens...you take the baby's blanket and t-shirt off to spend time in SSC, cover the baby's back with a blanket, and then the baby drifts off to sleep.  After spending some time in SSC, you are ready to put the baby down, but you have to re-dress him - and then he wakes up again!   And the cycle can go on and on.   

This is why the Sweet Snugs Baby Tee was created.   With its unique open front design, you can enjoy time in SSC, while the baby's back and shoulders are covered and warm.   And when the baby drifts off to sleep, you can gently move him back to his swaddle blanket without disturbing him by re-dressing.   Without the need for dressing and undressing continuously, mom can spend more time in SSC with baby, and can experience the benefits of this special time.

The Sweet Snugs Baby Tee can be purchased in small quantities for individual moms & babies, or in larger quantities for hospitals or birth centers.    For individual orders, please visit our "Purchase" page.   For larger quantities, please email us at [email protected]

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